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Pre-Tax Deferral Vs. Roth: Which Is The Better Option For Individuals?

Working with professional 401K providers often means deciding between a plan that offers pre-tax deferral or a Roth account. While both a traditional 401K and a Roth provide retirement savings options, they each have some significant distinctions that warrant consideration before moving forward in the process. A standard 401K allows employees to contribute pre-tax income to the account. Upon retirement, you pay taxes each time you withdraw funds from the plan. Conversely, a Roth account allows contributions to be made after taxes have already been paid. Paying the taxes upfront means that you will enjoy tax-free withdrawals throughout the duration of your retirement.

Which Plan Is Right For You?

Knowing the main difference between the two is critical, but it still may not be enough to determine which one is right for you. No matter which format you select, your employer and 401K providers will still deduct your allocations directly from your paycheck. However, your tax bracket, both now, and in the future, can prove significantly different. Opting for the traditional account will have a major impact on your tax bracket now. Your taxable income in any given year will be lessened by how much you contribute to the plan. Additionally, anything invested will grow, tax-deferred throughout the duration of the policy. Once you retire, you will be required to pay the standard tax on both the total contributions as well as gains.

Roth accounts means that your taxable income doesn’t change. You will pay taxes, based on your standard bracket, for every dollar earned. The benefit to this is that, chances are, your tax bracket will continue to go up as you progress through your career. Paying taxes up front means that your gains aren’t subject to taxation upon your retirement.

As a result, individuals entering their peak earning years leading up to retirement often achieve a better return on investment from traditional 401K plans. However, employees new to the workforce, often find that their smaller incomes do better with a Roth account. They can pay the taxes up front and enjoy gains on their contributions in the future without paying a higher tax.

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