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As a retirement plan advisor we know it’s important that you have access to resources and information  that will support you in educating yourself and your clients in creating the best retirement planning experience possible.  If you’re in need of specific information not seen here, don’t hesitate to contact us.

  • This quick presentation will walk you through exactly how isolved is able to help small businesses establish quality retirement plans through our Multiple Employer or “MEP” 401(k) solution: MEP Presentation – automated
  • In this piece we outline the key features of the three fiduciary types: 3(16),3(21), an 3(38) so you can have a better understanding of how each one works, and the
    differences between them: Fiduciary Types_sheet 
  • Saving for retirement can be confusing for plan participants – but it doesn’t have to be. Within this brochure you will find a library of presentations and resources we have readily available which are specifically designed to educate employees, and to help them feel more comfortable with where they are at in the process. We can edit/customize our materials and presentations as the need arises: Education Guide
  • Employees sometimes opt not to participate in a company-sponsored retirement plan in fear that they “can’t afford” to contribute.  Here we have illustrated the impact of a 5% contribution on different levels of take-home pay: 5% Effect_sheet
  • Small, periodic, contribution increases make more of an impact than most people realize.  Here we provide an example of this while emphasizing just how important it is to make sure your participants have enough money saved at retirement: Food for Thought_
  • It’s common for pre-retirees to underestimate the amount of money they will need to provide themselves with at retirement.  We’ve found it useful to provide them with a budget worksheet to complete with at least three months worth of expenses to get a more realistic picture of what is needed: Your Budget Worksheet (004)
  • If a participant and/or his or her spouse has a retirement plan available through work, making a tax-deductible IRA contribution may also be an option, depending on certain income limits: IRA Contributions 2018
  • How you differentiate yourself as an advisor is absolutely critical to managing and growing your benefits customer base. How  do you add value to your plan sponsor and participant clients?  How do those services fit into your existing practice model? And – perhaps most importantly – how does what you offer differentiate you from other advisors in your area and space?
  • Do you have an employee or group of people ready to enroll?  You can opt to play this short 10 minute demonstration which will walk them through the process start to finish: Enrollment walkthrough