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Selecting 401K Providers With TPA Services

Utilizing Stand Alone TPA Services Through 401k Providers

Selecting 401K providers for your emerging organization warrants careful consideration. With so many 401K providers claiming to be industry specialists and experts, you can quickly start to feel that they are all alike. Not true. Most vendors will offer a similar set of core capabilities. However, a few discerning vendors will up their game to ensure you and your employees receive comprehensive service and support throughout your professional partnership. One key feature to consider when searching through prospective partners is a 401K provider that also offer TPA services.

Know The Benefits Of TPA Services Through Your 401K Vendor

In addition to your 401K plan information, a TPA, or third party administrator, will also offer various other benefit support and services to your business. One key aspect to look for when finding a provider is plan documentation preparation and amendments. A comprehensive 401K provider will understand that your core business takes up the majority of your time; offering documentation preparation and amendments will give you added bandwidth to focus on your organizational needs while they work on your behalf to keep your plan up to date.

Also, look for providers that offer for 5550 filing. Keeping up to date with plan changes and services is only one component to seamless coverage for your employees. You will also want to the peace of mind that comes with knowing that the proper documentation is getting filed to keep your organization compliant with requirements and mandates.

Other Services To Look For With Your Selected Vendor

Nondiscrimination testing is another major feature to look for with your TPA services vendor. When sourcing your provider, ask about the types of nondiscrimination testing capabilities that they offer. Some important offerings include HCE determination, ADP/ACP tests, basic match calculations, and even profit sharing results.

Working with 401K providers that offer these and other TPA services can help ensure that your business gets the coverage needed to operate at maximum capacity while giving your employees the service and support that they need.

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